Femininity is a strength not a weakness!

Yes… let me scream it, Ladies…” BEING FEMININE IS A STRENGTH!!!”


Femininity is so wonderfully powerful…. especially in men.

What do I mean? One aspect of the masculine paradigm is to resist “the push”. What do you get when you push a man? You get an instant pushback, resistance, tension, and/or… an argument. Pushing always fails for women on a masculine man.
It will leave you feeling disconnected and frustrated if not furious, for both of you. This is a man-on-man approach, and it works for men. Men will calibrate each other and “adjust” the power to function in given circumstances. This does not work for women…it just doesn’t! His resisting and pushing back will make you feel overpowered, dismissed, rejected, or hurt. For him, it’s a knee-jerk reaction. He’ll push back and often walk away, getting away from the pressure.

So, how do you get what you want with men?

Well, how about your best tool – Your femininity… because it WORKS!!!

The feminine approach is to invite action or change…. not tell or demand (Push)

The Art of feminine power is:

“Inviting a man into action or change with your heart, spirit and feminine
energy…. not with the directive and edge of your words.” (Adam Gilad)

Tell him to do or change and he’ll resist. Invite him to do or change and reward him when he does, and you will see wonderful things happen. Men play for points…he won’t be compelled to do much unless he understands what his actions will provide. Those are the points he is looking to score.
Men don’t really want to do or change if they can’t see the value. If they cannot see the reward, the action may seem like a waste of energy. For most men, if there is no win, there is no point. If there is no point, there will be no action. But a man who loves you will do, adjust and change to make you happy.
He is wired that way…and it works wonderfully and… it’s good for you! You will feel connected and cherished by him instead of thinking he’s just a jerk.

Femininity softens men and makes men want to do for you… try it!

Again, invite and reward him, don’t push, demand or challenge. You’ll end up fighting and…losing.

Use your femininity to trigger his instinct to protect and provide, and you win!

Better yet…you both win!


What do men want?

Isn’t that a loaded question???

Let me give it to you straight and to the point.

Men are looking to be winners in life altogether, moment by moment, day by day, all the time. Compete, conquer, and win is the agenda on some level… always!

That’s what men do.

A good man, a man of character, already has his life “working” which makes him a winner. What he wants then, is to add to his already working life… which is usually… a good woman. Men want to be in relationships but not for the reasons women want a relationship.

This is what men want:

A good man is looking for someone to enhance his life, to empower him on his mission, and to support him in living his life’s purpose…. BAM!!! That’s it!

A good man’s life is already working, so why would he want to give that up??? He doesn’t want to feel trapped, made wrong, nagged, pushed to change, or emasculated…that’s ridiculous! These are all signs that he’s losing, completely going against his nature.

He is looking for a woman who will help him live his purpose, build a future and a life, and often, a family. That’s what a good woman looks like to men.

Yes!! a woman who gets that, a woman who “gets him”, respects him, loves him, and supports him on his journey…. whatever that may be, will give him the power to win in life. Her support will help him build, conquer and WIN! It’s good for him and it’s good for her.

So obvious to him…maybe not to her but here it is. That’s what good, healthy men want…and, these men are everywhere!!! You just have to see them for who they are…not what you want them to be. A version of your best girlfriend he will never be.

If you know and do what works for men…. everyone wins and… he will cherish you for life!

Andre Paradis

Men, women and the natural flow

Throughout mankind’s history, men being driven to protect and provide for women lived through danger, risk, urgency, and sacrifice. All this is driven by the high levels of testosterone men have in their bodies and such activities create massive amounts of dopamine…ah yes! Men’s favorite feel-good drug.

This kind of lifestyle allowed women the space for children, having the time to raise them, support other women, participate in the community, and feel connected, Feeling connected and “part of” created massive amounts of oxytocin, ah! There it is….women’s favorite feel-good drug.

This created a system where men were happy to work hard and even do crappy jobs to provide for their families.
Imagine the life of a miner, for instance, dirty, stifling, dangerous work for a paycheck. In exchange at the end of a long day, the wife would cook and provide a comfortable home for him to rest and raise his family. This made hard work worth it. There was also a huge amount of pride in this for men and they felt respected by their women and community for their efforts.

In today’s world where women are providing for themselves, this formula falls short. Both men and women are feeling the impact. Women run around trying to be superwoman and do it all, only to often feel overwhelmed, underappreciated, and drained.

Ugh! Nothing lovely or good comes from a drained woman. Men are overlooked for their efforts and often minimized, emasculated, and right down disrespected for who they are.


This created a new reality where men, not being respected for their efforts, stop doing what they were willing to do and sacrifice for. Women now, experience men as being unsupportive, shallow, and self-centered. Wonder how this happened??? Can you see it?

Now, women, this is for you,
Men who aren’t needed will walk away from you. Men need to be needed. Men suffer from depression when they don’t feel needed. It’s in his DNA. It is primal and it is nature.

Women need to feel safe…but how will you ever feel safe if you refuse or deny men’s help and allow yourselves to be vulnerable. (Scary, I know, especially when you are raised to be tough)
When and if you allow a man’s support and care, when and if you allow a man to DO for you, you will effortlessly slip into your femininity, which men LOVE and cherish. You will feel the tension of being a superwoman fade a little. You will have more space for generosity and love for the ones near you and YES! Men will step up, YES! men will provide and protect you and YES! men will make you feel seen and safe. A safe woman has access to love and all good things are possible from there.

This idea may seem old fashion and obsolete, but nature knows best. Going along with your chemistry will always feel better to your body and to your heart. Going against it will leave you feeling worn out and disconnected from yourself and your spirit.

Overgiving women burn out, under giving men are needy and selfish.

Nature wants men to be giving and women to be receiving. Right down to our bodies. (just look down)

It’s how it’s designed and it’s what worked for millennia.

This won’t change anytime soon even with all the education and evolution we believe raise us above all this…Nope! The default system still overrides the downloads and new apps.

Hope this makes you think.

Andre Paradis

Project Equinox

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