Public Speaking

Project Equinox offers speaking options to existing groups, College and University lectures, Personal development events, Church Community events, Business conventions, Women in business events and networking events throughout Los Angeles, including podcasts, radio and television interviews via the internet.

We offer an array of teachings on relationship dynamics. Tools to assist in all types of relationships. Naturally, human relations face a constant flow of internal power plays. Easily spotted between Men and Women, Parent-Child, Employer-Employee, Teacher-Student and other close or intimate relationships. Each has a built in power struggle that has the least powerful party instinctively fight, push or sneak for power gain and/or some level of autonomy or independence. These are common and natural but often challenging and sometime destroy relationships.

The key is to learn:
  • How to speak rationally and never fight again. (really)
  • How to communicate without power plays, no more games (we all do it)
  • Why she talks so much …Why he seems secretive
  • What commitment looks like for men…this one is BIG
  • The red buttons: Safety and Respect (this is huge)
  • Man brain/ woman brain, a tale of two worlds
  • Tools to protect yourself in emotional situations.
  • What men really want. It’s not what you think.
  • Three must haves for a long term love relationship
  • Men and women at work…why we collide, how to flow
Project Equinox Public Speaking:
  • The Suzanne Venker Podcast, Guest Speaker, St-Louis, MO
  • WHKO 99.1 FM. Dayton, Ohio. Weekly guest speaker
  • Warrior Queen Tribe Podcast, Guest Speaker, Salt Lake City, Ut
  • Men and Masculinity Podcast, Guest Speaker, Toronto, Canada
  • Multicultural Day, Moorpark College,Ca. Speaker
  • Moorpark College, Moorpark Ca. Speaker
  • Pasadena High School, Pasadena Ca. Speaker
  • Greek Orthodox church, Los Angeles. Speaker
  • Dilbeck Realty, So. Cal; Real Estate Sales Team. Speaker
  • Venice High School, Venice Ca. Speaker
  • “Whispers of the Children foundation” Keynote Speaker. Los Angeles
  • “She Is” Fundraiser, Keynote Speaker. Los Angeles
  • METal International Network, Keynote Speaker. Los Angeles
  • CUTV News and Radio, New York City, NY. Guest Speaker
  • PHP Inc. Downey, Ca. Guest Speaker

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