About Andre Paradis
Educator, Coach, Artist & People Person

Andre’s mission in life is to teach & empower people! Andre is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, business owner and artist who is now focusing his professional energy on teaching singles and couples how to create and maintain successful relationships. He is committed to this mission.

Andre has been teaching people in a variety of disciplines for nearly 25 years. He began his teaching career in 1986 teaching English as a second language in Japan. The following year he began sharing his passion for dance and continues to teach dance regularly. In 2009, as part of his PAX Mastery and Leadership Program, Andre began sharing his learning and experience around relationships with his “Men vs. Women” workshop.

As a life-long learner, Andre is always taking classes to improve himself, his businesses and his teaching skills. He has completed full learning programs with PAX Programs, Christopher Howard Training and Summit Training. He completed the Fast Track to Success curriculum with the Christopher Howard Co. and the Leadership Program with Summit. His learning has led to his certification as both a Life Coach and an NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Coach. With PAX Programs, Andre has completed a majority of offerings and is on target to become a leader in relationship coaching and mentoring.

Andre has been happily married for over 20 years to his beautiful wife Nancy, who is also a former professional dancer and current dance instructor. They live in the San Fernando Valley with their two children. A proud French-Canadian, Andre was born and raised in Quebec City, with his three brothers and sister.


Andre danced professionally from 1984 – 2000. He performed on stage, award shows and in music videos with world renowned vocal artists including Michael Jackson, Prince, and Julio Iglesias. He has also toured and taught with Paula Abdul. Andre has traveled the world from Bangkok to Costa Rica performing, teaching and choreographing for an array of well known and upcoming artists.


In 1996 Andre opened AP Auto Body (apbodyshop.com) in North Hollywood California. He has been able to combine his life-long passion for cars into a successful auto body shop that prides itself on operating with integrity and honesty.


Now in what he calls “phase three” of his life, Andre has launched Project Equinox. Packed with knowledge and tools from his Mankind Project affiliation, PAX programs and leanings from world renown therapist Dr. Pat Allen, Andre’s mission is on track. He strives to change the world one person at a time, bringing hope, understandings, and communication tools that have permanent, proven results.


People, Relationships, Cars, Dancing, Learning, Jiu-Jitsu, Fitness, Nutrition and Body Building.


I am passionate about reaching and teaching relationship dynamics to all levels of society.

I am dedicated to men and women and their wellbeing in understanding each other; closing the gap on pain, hurt feelings and confusion.

My goal is to teach and empower people and society and to change our culture when it comes to human dynamics and relationships.

I want to empower the people who are the most curious about the human condition and it’s challenges, and who want to learn how to create strong boundaries for themselves and lasting relationships in their world.

I hold myself responsible and accountable for touching people’s lives and am dedicated to making a difference in the world.

I align myself with like-minded people who share my vision and passion for transforming the world.

I am lighthearted in my approach and am always looking to enlighten and educate.

I will reach out and ask for support and provide support for the sake of the mission and the ultimate goal of Peace and Harmony.

Everyone is a player in this endeavor, life is good, and learning is fun.

There is hope.

Andre Paradis

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