Come Experience How and Why Relationships are just like a dance in this upcoming event.


The Dance of Effective Relationships with Andre Paradis 


Join us as Relationship Coach and Communications expert Andre Paradis-Project Equinox debunks the myths of how to have and sustain amazing relationships in this upcoming event.

This is a co-ed event which will help you navigate this often difficult landscape called modern relationships.

Andre will help you go from from confusing misunderstandings to ease and flow in your love relationships and in dating too!

You will experience:

  • How the energy you bring effects everything in your relationships and in dating.
  • Simple shifts you can do to have your relationships flow with more ease, more understanding and partnership.
  • How to have successful dating experience understanding nature’s system
  • What being in true partnership really feels like

He will be debunking the myths like:

  • Relationships are hard and you have to give up a part of YOU
  • You just have to wait for the right one to show up.
  • “I can figure this out on my own” (how’s that working out?)

This is a packed event not to be missed:

Great for Singles and Couples alike!

Not only Seeing and Hearing but LEARNING the Dance of Relationships…for Real!

Learn what is needed for a relationship to truly work and flow In Dating, Courting and Love.

Have a visceral experience working in a true partnership right from the beginning.

Light refreshments provided

Not from Los Angeles? Book a plane ticket and make it a fun weekend!

You will experience both Self-Care and Partnership in ways you never have before:

Ladies, you are going to feel safe and supported in this event.

Men, you will experience respect and partnership in a whole new way.

~ And You will experience The Dance of Relationships! ~

Past Attendees have said that “they had an amazing experience learning by doing and not just hearing the information. It opened the door for a visceral experience that helped them anchor in the information for true change. ” – Andre 

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