Welcome to the realm of Andre Paradis, your Relationship Coach, NLP Coach (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and ordained minister. Embark on a journey with Andre as he guides couples away from the realm of fear and uncertainty, and towards a realm of joy and harmony in their love relationships.


Unlike any other, Andre’s expertise extends beyond the ordinary. As an ordained minister, he not only joins couples in matrimony but also crafts a deeply immersive experience that transcends traditional ceremonies. It’s not just about the two individuals; it’s about merging the couple’s love story with the world around them, drawing everyone into a tapestry of this epic moment.

Prior to the big day, Andre doesn’t just plan a wedding; he cultivates a connection. Through personal interactions, he delves into the lives and love story of the couple, crafting a bespoke ceremony that resonates with their essence. This isn’t a mere event – it’s a finely crafted, heartfelt, intimate gathering that radiates warmth and authenticity.

Picture a ceremony where the lines blend between spectators and participants. With Andre, you’re not a passive observer; you’re a cherished part of the unfolding ceremony. Together, as he invokes the couple’s journey and blessings from the past, present, and future, the audience becomes a vital thread in the fabric of this extraordinary beginning.

Whether it’s the couple’s vows or Andre’s resonant words, each word uttered is deeply rooted in what truly matters to them. Andre’s profound understanding ensures that their desires are met, and their hearts are touched along with everyone else present.

There’s also the unique touch of inviting the ancestors, the departed. This ritual isn’t just symbolic; it’s an homage to the heritage that shapes us. Andre intertwines ancient wisdom with modern love, a testament to the timeless bonds that transcend generations.

So, step into a realm where love isn’t just celebrated, but it’s also lived and felt. Experience the Andre Paradis difference – a relationship coach, an ordained minister, and a weaver of unforgettable ceremony. 

Join us as we craft not just a celebration, but a memory to be cherished forever.

Andre Officiating Sam’s Wedding

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