Meet Andre Paradis
  • Certified Relationship Dynamics Coach  
  • Educator of Effective Communication Strategies 
  • Certified NLP Coach
  • Public Speaker and Workshop Leader
  • 2x’s Amazon Best Seller
  • Ordained Minister

Through a long journey of self-discovery and education, it has become MY MISSION to help others create and maintain long-lasting and loving relationships.

I created Project Equinox to alleviate the misunderstanding and pain between men and women by teaching the concept of GENDER INTELLIGENCE. When men can understand the perspective of a woman and women can understand the perspective of a man, we can communicate with the understanding and respect that we deserve.

What my clients have to say...
Valérie C.

Valérie C.

I'm still happily ever after, and feel like my partnership with my man is growing stronger day by day. He protects me and loves me for who I am and I believe in him and it gives him wings. Thank you for being at the origin of it all and for your council during the adaptation phase.
Emilya A.

Emilya A.

The thing that is so special about Andre is that while he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in relationships, what truly sets him apart is the quality of his presence. He has a deep understanding of the dynamics in relationships while still being able to honor you as an individual and feel into your specific situation with a level of kindness, empathy, and strength that is rare in this world.
Cassandra C.

Cassandra C.

What a marvelous thing to choose life with the conviction, freedom, and authenticity of the true Self. Andre masterfully assists me in navigating those landmines of limiting beliefs and introduced me to the power of vulnerability and the magnificence of my divine femininity… Divine Femininity is the new superpower.



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Project Equinox is dedicated to people looking to master their communication skills for successful relationships and understanding the radical differences between Men and Women. We know what it takes for a romantic relationship to work, whether, straight, gay, lesbian; it’s all the same. Complimentary dynamic is the magic.

  • There’s always something wrong
  • He makes me angry
  • She makes me crazy
  • I need so little, why can’t he just give that to me?
  • She doesn’t appreciate or see everything I do for her
  • We’re fighting all the time!
  • I can’t live like this!
  • I don’t want to break up
  • I wish I could fix this!
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