Andre came into my life at a time when I was at my lowest point. I was thinking about ending my life. It took one conversation with him to see that there was hope for me. I spent years in therapy and never got very far compared to the life-changing results that I accomplished with Andre.

I went from feeling an unbearable sadness every day, to feeling like there was something amazing waiting for me in my life. I had to work really hard to get there. At times, I wanted to give up because of all my self-destructive belief systems. However, I did not stop because I had Andre every step of the way working and supporting me.

He made me feel safe, worthy and helped me to believe in myself. Of course, I still have bad days, and that is okay because it is perfectly normal, but I am finally free of the burden and pain I carried for so long.

Working with Andre made me realize and understand that I was not responsible or to blame for the trauma I suffered. I am aware and present now and will never allow myself to go back to that dark place. I know that if I ever feel that way again, I can always and will reach out to Andre and he will be there for me.

I am one of the fortunate ones. I am beyond grateful to have worked with Andre. He saved me and changed my life forever.


I spent years in traditional therapy, read hundreds of books, listened to hundreds of podcasts, and none of this holds a candle to being held and guided by Andre’s honed skill and gift of truly seeing who I am and what I needed to understand myself, my destructive belief system and men.

After the One-on-one coaching program with Andre, I learned to unwind from years of trauma and failed relationships which led me to be open to a real man. From the very first introductory call to the conclusion of my first program with Andre, I felt like I was his only client. This man walks his talk and has what it takes to get you to places you might be afraid to dream are possible.


I felt like I was totally unlovable and would never find a man that I could trust. Why bother even dating because it would not ever work out – I was doomed to be single the rest of my life.

Then I met Andre, the way that happened was pretty amazing – totally a God wink for sure.

I started working with him and did what he guided me to do. As I did, I started to feel a shift in myself. I wasn’t changing who I was, it was more like I was becoming more of who I was meant to be. The healing and understanding I received from coaching with Andre not only helped me find and develop a healthy love relationship but has also helped me in all my relationships.

It was magical when Andre came to Texas in May of 2023 and married me and my man.

My life will never be the same because of what I learned from Andre. Truly.


I found it very fascinating how Andre described the different ways that men and women handle stress. I truly believe that high levels of stress are at the root of most diseases. The power of touch in the production of oxytocin is quite miraculous and immediately made me want to give my mom the biggest hug!

Andre created a space that allowed people to be vulnerable and allow the healing process to take place……it was beautiful.

-Austin W.

DUDE!!….. what the F*CK was I ever doing dating “boys”???  That is what YOU have made me… a believer…  Never ever again, this is heaven. 

Man, I LOVE You!

-Angela T. 

Andre is really a man’s man, with an amazing insight on women. The fact that he’s been married to his wife Nancy for 20 plus years and they have two really well adjusted kids, spoke volumes to me about his experience in the area of relationships. I was looking for guidance and coaching and I’d just gone through a pretty significant loss. At times during my work with Andre I was in a dark place. He gently guided me with sensitivity, always gave me hope and made me feel safe. He’s gone beyond my expectations in helping me get rid of old baggage and step into my femininity with grace. My relationships have improved, not just in the area of romance but in all areas of my life, as a result of my work with him.

-Helen G. 

Listening to your words has already changed my marriage for the better. A lot more things make sense, that were previously unfathomable. The best advice for a man – always take responsibility for sorting out the tough stuff, say “no” when needed, but always make her feel like her welfare is your greatest priority. Treat her like a queen, but from your position as king. Thanks again, Mate.

Don G. 

Andre is right! After my divorce,(15 year marriage, 4 children, and virtually no real dating experience ever) I had one terribly toxic relationship and knew I was in trouble. So I reorganized my mindset and treated dating like a research project….I know that sounds strange. But what I was doing wasn’t yielding the results I wanted and so I was willing to try a different approach.

I examined my weekly schedule, set aside several opportunities with the intention to fill up my available openings, set ground rules for myself not to become emotionally attached, and did everything I could to LEARN about men. I quickly sorted through many wonderful (and not so wonderful ) men in order to identify the core values I found complimented my own. When I finally met my Warrior I was comfortable, confident, and capable of evaluating our situation with ease.

Just like every skill in life, there is a competency factor that increases with experience. You shorten the time in finding your own Warrior when your skills are sharp at identifying exactly what you want. And when you develop these skills, your confidence as a woman Attracts the right kind of capable and respectful man…the kind of man who desire more than anything to provide for you and protect you like the precious treasure you have become

Thank you Andre for helping me understand!

Elizabeth P. 

I want to share with you the incredible, life altering, positive experience I had with Andre. Initially I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, I was a bit nervous, but Andre’s expertise in the dating world really allowed me to sit back & follow his lead. It created a safe space for me to speak, open up, and actively listen. Finally! A man who truly understands women! AND men! He is a lighthouse in the murky sea of modern dating.

During our session, which was conveniently scheduled online, he would check in & see how I was feeling. I shared my questions/ concerns & he gave me homework & advice that I shockingly could implement right away! I WAS MIND BLOWN! The next day I had results. I also continue to have results despite Coronavirus Craziness. I swear to you, what Andre taught me in private session allowed me to rise above any obstacles.

Not only did Andre elevate my dating skills/ life, he also brought my relationships with others to a whole new level!  He helped me improve relationships with my sons, my male housemates, and family!

As a professional, he healed/ washed away a lifetime of cultural baggage, misinformation, toxic waste leftover from toxic relationships, and cut threw all of the b.s. From one woman to another, you deserve to have Andre Paradis as your own personal dating coach! This is priceless my friends. Please click for your personal session. I promise you it is worth every penny & MORE! If you keep trying the same thing over and over again expecting different results- stop it already & talk to Andre. You just need the right expert, Andre Paradis, coaching you from the sidelines! 

After almost 40 years on this planet, I can’t believe he is teaching me & telling me things I never knew! Plus, I am getting pursued by men. He produces results, ladies.

Sara S. 

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