Young Women and Morality

Young Women and Morality:

How radical feminism has everyone losing.

By: Elizabeth Marquardt

Once a woman abandons femininity for Type 2 Feminism (see article “Good Feminism vs. Bad Feminism”), sex is all that she can use to get noticed by a man. Men are like hiring managers, and courting is like a job interview for the job of marriage and mothering. If a woman tries to get the job by having sex with the interviewer, he isn’t going to hire her since sex has nothing to do with the job. There are children involved, you know – he has to think of them when he makes the hiring decision. But women have been taught to think bad things about men ( savages and rapists) and marriage (is slavery) by feminists – so they don’t even try to understand men, or to respect men, or prepare their character for being a wife and mother. Feminists just don’t understand that basic work is needed to understand men and prepare for marriage.

In a previous post, I explained how feminists wanted to get women to drink like men, have sex like men, and to abolish courtship and marriage. Under the influence of feminism and Hollywood celebrities, women began to choose men to have sex with without any consideration of morality, religion, marriage, etc. They thought that sex was an easy way to trick a man into committing to them without having to treat him like a real person, or to take the demands of marriage and parenting seriously. (They have been taught to value education and careers over husbands and children,). This results in a cycle of binge-drinking, one-night-stands, cheating, co-habiting, breaking-up, stalking, aborting, etc.., until the woman’s ability to trust and love anyone but herself is completely destroyed. And yet these college women somehow believe this is “adventurous”, that it makes them feel “sexy”, and that the experience of being selfish and seeing the worst kind of men acting in the worst possible ways, point blank, somehow prepares them for marriage and motherhood.

Statistics show that often, a young unmarried woman’s biological father was NOT selected by her mother based on his ability to make commitments and moral judgments. Many feminists prefer men who do not judge women morally, nor impose his character on her. But those very things that young unmarried  women today seem to dislike most about men, because they fear rejection on moral, are exactly the things that make men good husbands and fathers. They don’t want to be judged or led, so they choose immoral, shallow men— Men who are not firm on morality and character who cannot be counted on to act morally and self-sacrificially. And when they fail and the marriages break up, the children grow up fatherless and may develop negative views of men and relationships.

Every young unmarried woman who chooses a bad man, and then has a bad experience is pushing away marriage with both hands. The more she destroys her ability to trust, love and care for others, the less she is able to be happy and effective in a relationship, marriage and life.     Share this

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