Men-Women: finding the perfect balance

Hello all,

Hope this finds you all in good health and spirit. I wanted to share with you my life’s purpose and the reason for this letter.

My mission in life is to bring harmony and peace between Men and Women. With divorce rates topping 68% … no wonder these numbers are so high.

The problem I see is that three things are essential for a relationship to work: You need chemistry, and your bodies are attracted to each other. You need compatibility, looking for similar things in life, lifestyle, how to raise kids, sometimes religion, etc. The third is the one that we fail at the most. Communications. How you communicate, make deals, ask for what you want, and tell what you don’t want. Negotiating, time, space, money, support, play, sex, chores, etc. I know it’s not sexy, but it is THE way to successful relationships.

I have been studying this material for years, I started for my own sake and my marriage. I didn’t want to be another casualty of divorce, What I knew is that I was committed to my wife and our lives, even so, I found that we ended up in difficult situations that I couldn’t understand, I found that very dangerous….what was happening that I couldn’t see?

As I learned how women function, respond, feel and need to be well and happy, I realized that none of these things lined up with the way I function, respond, feel and want. Whoa!

Next, the way we talk and how and why we communicate didn’t line up either. What’s going on??? Are we from the same planet? Well! we might as well be different species for we are in no way a version of each other. I mean, not even close!

Weird but it’s also the good news.

A year later my discoveries were so juicy that I would teach what I had learned and uncovered to anyone in earshot. A moment later Project Equinox was born.

Project Equinox is dedicated to people looking to Master their communication skills for successful relationships and the understanding of the radical differences between Men and Women. We know what it takes for a love relationship to work, whether straight, gay, lesbian, all the same. Complimentary dynamic is the magic.

Join us for an amazing adventure of discovery, understanding, and fun.

Andre Paradis

A New Way


Men want to be Heroes, but society has us believe that Masculinity is bad, harsh, and must be contained and dialed down.

Women need to feel safe, but society has us believe that Femininity is weak and that a woman must be strong and powerful to be valuable nowadays.

Masculine Men are attracted to feminine energy and feminine Women. Feminine energy brings out the best in Men and makes Men show up as providers, protectors, and cherish(er)s of women. This instinct is deeply rooted in Men’s genes and DNA

Feminine Women feel safe around healthy masculine energy. True masculine energy is grounded and stable. True feminine energy is trusting, passive and vulnerable to the masculine. Femininity is to receive and thus respecting of Men’s instinct to give, provide and be Heroes.

The true challenge between Men and Women is finding the balance of Vulnerability and Trust, Giving and Receiving, Respecting and Cherishing and the communication tools necessary to truly understand and negotiate our needs and wants

Andre Paradis

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